so there's a annex.web-download-command settings, great! i have used it to do bandwidth limitations with:

wget --limit-rate=$download -O %file %url

...and it works well.. however, i notice the output is different, and that's because once we override that setting, git-annex doesn't add other magic settings it uses. so by turning that thing on and off and inspecting the process list, i was able to figure out that the command is actually:

wget -q --show-progress --clobber -c --limit-rate=$download -O %file %url

that gets me closer to the command generated by git-annex. however, i am not sure the --clobber and -c flags should always be present. furthermore, the --user-agent git-annex/5.20150610+gitg608172f-1~ndall+1 flag is missing.

could there be an (optional) %useragent interpolation to fix that?

what about the other settings, is it okay to hardcode those?

maybe this would be easier if there would be an options override just like rsync, but separate ones for curl and wget... --anarcat

git-annex now only uses curl, and defaults to a built-in http downloader. The annex.web-download-command is no longer supported. annex.web-options can be used to pass options to curl.

So, I don't think this todo is relevant anymore, closing done. --Joey