Unlike whereis and other subcommands, inprogress does not offer a --key argument to select files by key rather than checked-out name, making it unusable in bare repositories.

Please consider adding a --key option there, which would display the single incomplete file corresponding to the key if one is in progress.

My use case is serving git-annexed files to the web from a bare repository (https://gitlab.com/chrysn/annex-to-web, see also git-annex-cat), which would be especially useful with gitolite repositories as they are by design bare, and on devices where checkouts are cumbersome (cf. Dealing with crippled Android file system).

A workaround is running git annex inprogress --all | grep $KEY, but that's probably relying on an implementation detail that could be changed at any time (though it probably won't as to avoid race conditions as in tail -f $(git annex inprogress file-thats-almost.done)).

done --Joey