I noticed that with the default SHA256E backend, git annex reinject --known FILE will fail if FILE has a different extension than it has in the annex. Presumably this is because git annex calckey FILE does not generate the same key, even though the file has the same checksum.

I think it would be better if git annex reinject --known would ignore the file extension when deciding whether a file is known. A case where that would be much better is caused by the fact that git-annex has changed how it determines a file's extension over time. E.g. if foo.bar.baz was added to the annex a long time ago, it might have a key like SHA256E-s12--37833383383.baz. Modern git-annex would calculate a key like SHA256E-s12--37833383383.bar.baz and so the reinject of the file using modern git-annex would fail.

This problem does not affect git annex reinject without --known.


mentioned this on the git-annex reinject man page; done --Joey