When trying to build the latest release on stretch,

[206 of 597] Compiling Messages.Concurrent ( Messages/Concurrent.hs, dist/build/git-annex/git-annex-tmp/Messages/Concurrent.o )

Messages/Concurrent.hs:138:20: error:
    * Couldn't match type `MessageState' with `Annex a -> Annex a'
      Expected type: MessageState -> Annex a -> Annex a
        Actual type: (Annex a -> Annex a) -> Annex a -> Annex a
    * In the expression: id
      In an equation for `hideRegionsWhile': hideRegionsWhile = id
    * Relevant bindings include
        hideRegionsWhile :: MessageState -> Annex a -> Annex a
          (bound at Messages/Concurrent.hs:138:1)
Makefile:32: recipe for target 'git-annex' failed

It would be nice if this could be patched so that git-annex can continue to be shipped in the stretch-backports repository.


fixed --Joey