I had an idea the other night that there could be a git annex open command. What this would do would be the following:

  • if the file is already present locally: just xdg-open it
  • if it is not present and cannot be streamed: git annex get "$@" && xdg-open "$@"
  • if it can be streamed: git annex get "$@" and xdg-open when enough content has been streamed that we are confident it will play completely (unless network conditions change)

This would need some metadata support partly to guess if the file can be streamed, but also to find the content. It would also assume some more intelligence in git annex get where git annex would have progress information (maybe through chunking?).

How does that idea sound? --anarcat

I think this idea can be considered obsoleted by the git-annex-inprogress command. --anarcat done