After import from a special remote and merge, git log --stat shows a large diff, because every file that got imported from the special remote is put on a commit with no parent, so the diff shows it as if those files are newly added.

(Of course when using S3 with versioning, the commit tree does have parents, but still a root commit with no parent.)

This does not seem avoidable for the initial import, even if the remote was populated by an earlier export, that starts a new, disconnected history for reasons explained in the import tree design.

Subsequent imports though could fix it, by setting the parent of the new import to the previous import.

For versioned imports, it reuses commits from the old imported history, and adds more commits on top of those, so this is mostly not a problem there. If the old and new imported histories are disjoint, a commit or commits will be made with no parent, but that seems acceptable; it's an edge case and it's replicating the information from the remote.

done --Joey