SpiderOak is a great backup service and many of us have unlimited accounts with them since World Backup Day. That makes SpiderOak a very interesting candidate for use as an archive or backup node. I can think of only two ways to go about this:

  1. Designate one of your computers as an archive/backup and use spideroak independantly to sync that archive. This is very unattractive, since it makes the spideroak backup completely unknown to git-annex.

  2. Integrate the SpiderOak CLI tool somehow as a remote. I don't know to what extent this would be possible, but if it were, that'd be awesome. And a lot of work, presumably.

Bonus option:

  1. Can the SpiderOak API be useful? https://spideroak.com/faq/questions/37/how_do_i_use_the_spideroak_web_api/

I don't hear much about spideroak these days, and it seems nobody has wanted it enough to build an external special remote. So keeping a todo about building it into git-annex seems not worthwhile. done --Joey