Hi Joey,

Although I haven't remembered that "hash thing" to perform the job, we looked around for other ways to accomplish the mission: quickly/simultaneously distribute annexed files to multiple hosts on the same network. So, there are such tools as uftp to efficiently multicast files to multiple recipients. Initial setup takes a bit but I wondered how feasible it could be to e.g. establish some "custom annex remote" (if to avoid coming up with a new command eg. "annex serve") so e.g. I could e.g. git annex copy --to=udp-multicast on the host A which has all the keys, and then run git annex get --from=udp-multicast on the clients (B) which want to get it all. To make it even more efficient, A could may be provide/announce on the local net a service to receive requests for desired keys to be transmitted. But even if it just multicasts all the content of the current tree, while those clients suck them all in, it could be super useful.

What do you think?

done! I've only tested it with sender and receiver on the same laptop, but it seems to work. --Joey