Currently, git annex status only shows the size of 1 copy of each file. If numcopies is being used for redundancy, much more disk can actually be in use than status shows.

One idea:

known annex size: 2 terabytes (plus 4 terabytes of redundant copies)

But, to get that number, it would have to walk every location log, counting how many copies currently exist of each file. That would make status a lot slower than it is.

One option is to just put it at the end of the status:

redundancy: 300% (4 terabytes of copies)

And ctrl-c if it's taking too long.

Hmm, fsck looks at that same info. Maybe it could cache the redundancy level it discovers? Since fsck can be run incrementally, it would be tricky to get an overall number. And the number would tend to be stale, but then again it might also be nice if status shows how long ago the last fsck was.

git annex info . now includes this, which is basically the same idea:

combined size of repositories containing these files: 711.4 gigabytes

I think that's close enough, it doesn't calculate a percentage, but it tells the total size of the directory earlier so the same information is there. done --Joey