Sometimes a name has been used for a special remote, and you want to change the name. A common reason is that the special remote has become dead, and you want to reuse the name for a new special remote.

Initremote prevents reusing a name when the old one exists, even if the old one is dead. And that makes sense in general, because a dead remote can come back sometimes, and that would leave the repo with two special remotes with the same name, and so enableremote would need to be run with a uuid instead of a name to specify which one to enable, which is not a desirable state of affairs.

So, add git annex renameremote oldname newname. Updates the remote.log with the new name.

This could also do a git remote rename, or equivilant. (git remote rename gets confused by special remotes not having a fetch url and fails; this can be worked around by manually renaming the stanza in git config.) But.. Perhaps it's better to keep it simple and not do that. There's no necessarily a correspondance between the name of a remote in the local repo and the name of a special remote in the remote.log.

done --Joey