When adding a lot of small files to git with git annex add, it is slow because git runs the smudge filter on all files and that is slow.

But git-annex add --force-small is much much faster, because that bypasses git add entirely, hashing the content and staging it in the index from git-annex. So could that same method be used to speed up the slow case?

My concern with doing this is that there may be things that git add does that are not done when bypassing it. The only one I can think of is, if the user has other smudge/clean filters than the git-annex one installed, they would not be run either. It could be argued that's a bug with the existing --force-small too, but at least that's not the default.

Possible alternate approach: Unsetting filter.annex.smudge and filter.annex.clean when running git add?

This approach is a winner! done --Joey