A big part of my online use is done via a low-speed connection over my mobile phone, this is limited to 16KB/sec because I always use up my 500MB quota the very first day of the month. ;-/ So when I need to download big files, I first download them to my online server, then transfer the files to my laptop with git-annex. If I'm connected via GSM, this occupies all the bandwidth and everything else moves like a heavily sedated slug. So if I want to work via VNC or SSH, I have to terminate ongoing transfers with Ctrl-C and then hopefully remember to restart it when I work locally. I know git-annex is robust enough to handle this gracefully, but it would be really nice to have a continuous connection going on in the background, limited to a value I choose.

rsync(1) has a --bwlimit (bandwidth limit) where you can specify max download/upload speed in kilobytes/sec. It would be great if a similar option was integrated into git-annex. Thanks in advance.