Joey Hess is the author of git-annex. If you need to talk about something privately, email me.

The forum is the best place to discuss git-annex.

For realtime chat, use the #git-annex channel on You can also watch incoming commits there.

The VCS-home mailing list is a good mailing list for users who want to use git-annex in the context of managing their large personal files.

I would like to translate this content of site, the tutorials, pages, etc, to portuguese. I think that can help many users in my country. How can I build a new pages here with git-annex content in portuguese?
Comment by Felipe Tue Sep 10 20:19:53 2013

I welcome translations in theory, but I do not have any infrastructure in place to support it, so that would have to be the first step.

(Also, this page is not a general-purpose discussion forum.)

Comment by Thu Sep 12 21:08:16 2013

Hi Joey,

I am one of your original funders for git-annex. I think you have done a great job and I am proud to say I helped fund your endeavor.

How do I start the git-annex assistant webapp via command line? I installed the program on my Fedora 19 computer via YUM and it does not come packaged with a desktop icon as you show in your demonstration video. I try running $ git annex assistant but I cannot access as you do in the video. Also, the quickstart page ( seems to have outdated information as it states you can start the webapp via $ git annex webapp, however when I try to run this I get the following error: git-annex: unknown command webapp.

Regards, Blake

Comment by Blake Wed Oct 2 23:57:48 2013

Your fedora build apparently does not include the webapp, since git annex webapp is the right command. Install the Linux standalone build instead.

(Again this page is not a discussion forum. Next person to post here will waste my time since I will have to go configure the site to block comments here..)

Comment by Thu Oct 3 00:06:11 2013