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detailed instructions quick install
OSX download git-annex.app
  Homebrew brew install git-annex
Android download git-annex.apk beta
Linux download prebuilt linux tarball
  Debian apt-get install git-annex
  Ubuntu apt-get install git-annex
  Fedora yum install git-annex
  FreeBSD pkg install hs-git-annex
  ArchLinux yaourt -Sy git-annex-bin
  NixOS nix-env -i git-annex
  Gentoo emerge git-annex
Windows download installer beta

All the download links above use https for security. For added security, see verifying downloads.

Building it yourself

git-annex is Free Software, written in Haskell. Experienced users should not find it too hard to build and install it from source.

See also

autobuild overview

Hello everyone.

Be aware that your distribution's package may be very old. For example, at the time I write this, latest Debian stable is Debian 7.5 which is 2 months old. But git-annex package there is two years old (tomorrow, it will be exactly two yezrs old).

So, beware. If following online walkthrough, either install a more recent git-annex (e.g. from Debain backports) or follow instructions from your local /usr/share/doc/git-annex/html/walkthrough.html instead.

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