Want to share all the files in your repository securely with a friend?

This connects to your friend's repository using Tor. Both you and your friend will need to install Tor and Magic Wormhole, and then both follow these steps to connect your repositories.

Important: You and your friend need git-annex version 6.20180705. Older versions of git-annex unfortunately had a bug that prevents this process from working correctly.

Start by opening up your git annex webapp.

Add another repository button


Share with a friend


Enabling tor hidden service

You will probably be prompted to enter a password, to configure Tor. (Depending on how your system is configured, this may be the root password, or your user account's password.)

Pairing with a friend form

A pairing code will be generated. Tell it to your friend. Ask them for their pairing code, and enter it in the form.

Once you've exchanged pairing codes, your repositories will be connected over Tor. They will begin to sync files back and forth, which can take a while since Tor is not super-fast.

See peer to peer network with tor for more details.