Pick your OS

detailed instructions quick install
  Debian apt-get install git-annex
  Ubuntu apt-get install git-annex
  Fedora yum install git-annex
  ArchLinux pacman -S git-annex
  AlpineLinux apk add git-annex
  NixOS nix-env -i git-annex
  Gentoo emerge git-annex
  Guix guix package -i git-annex
  Void xbps-install git-annex
  openSUSE zypper in git-annex
  conda conda install -c conda-forge git-annex
  Homebrew brew install git-annex
FreeBSD pkg install hs-git-annex
OpenBSD pkg_add git-annex
Android beta
Windows beta

Historical builds

Many of historical builds available from the https://downloads.kitenet.net/.git/ git-annex repository. Visit downloads.kitenet.net for more information.

Building it yourself

git-annex is Free Software, written in Haskell. Experienced users should not find it too hard to build and install it from source.

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