Open two webapp sessions (in two different screen windows or whatever)

name@name-Computermodel-1000:~/test/annex1$ git-annex webapp
name@name-Computermodel-1000:~/test/annex2$ git-annex webapp

In annex1's web UI, choose Configuration -> Manage repositories -> Local computer.

Fill in the secret phrase and press Start pairing.

In annex2's web UI, a pairing request will show on the left notifications bar. Choose Respond, fill in the phrase field and press Finish pairing.

I was expecting a pairing between the two running session. But I got this after pressing Finish pairing in annex2's web UI:

start of output

Internal Server Error

bad comment in ssh public key ssh-rsa [very long GPG key jibber jabber] name@name-Computermodel-1000

end of output

git-annex version: 3.20121017, Ubuntu 12.04

Done, allowed dash and underscore in there now.