• fresh install of Debian Wheezy with git-annex 4.20130227 pulled in from unstable
  • clone existing repository and activate assistant
  • repository has encrypted rsync remote originally setup with the name metaarray
  • this remote was renamed to ma a long time ago, using the webapp
  • had to perform this rename on each client


  • attempt to reactivate special remote using webapp repositories page, on reinstalled machine


  • special remote starts working
  • renaming special remotes ought to survive clones


  • firstly, special remote activation page has blank hostname box and the hostname of the machine is in the username box
  • form gives error "cannot change encryption type of existing remote"


  • execute git annex initremote metaarray
  • rename metaarray to ma again using the webapp

Perhaps the renaming of the remote not surviving clones is unavoidable, but the webapp should be able to cope with the situation. Thanks.