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Running git-annex enableremote remote without a suitable key available leaves a partially unconfigured git remote.

Subsequently making the key available and running git-annex enableremote remote a second time fails as the remote now partially exists.

Removing the remote with git remote remove remote and then re-running git-annex enable remote seems to do the trick.

However, I notice that even after syncing my special remotes are missing some details in the git config file - namely the annex-gcrypt and annex-uuid (there may have been more). I fixed by adding the details from a working repo.

Finally, when I initially created the gcrypt repo (by hand) I specified the remote as a local directory on the machine in question i.e. gcrypt::/matt/mnt/isilon/rss/zzalsmf3/git-annex/mus I then decided to make it available and changed it (via git remote rename to gcrypt::ssh://rss/home/matt/mnt/isilon/rss/zzalsmf3/git-annex/mus. Unfortunately on other machines when I git enableremote it recovers the original remote which obviously doesn't work - how can I update this setting?


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