Let's say that http://people.collabora.com/~alsuren/git/fate-suite.git/ is a bare git repo. It has been 'git update-server-info'd so that it can be served on a dumb http server.

The repo is also a git annex remote, created using the following commands:

  • git remote add alsuren git+ssh://people.collabora.co.uk/user/alsuren/public_html/fate-suite.git
  • git push alsuren --all
  • git annex copy --to=alsuren

so http://people.collabora.com/~alsuren/git/fate-suite.git/annex is a valid git annex (though listing dirs is forbidden, so you need to know the filenames ahead of time).

I would like to be able to use the following commands to get a clone of the repo:

  • git clone http://people.collabora.com/~alsuren/git/fate-suite.git/
  • cd fate-suite
  • git annex get

This would allow contributors to quickly get a copy of our upstream repo and start contributing with minimal bandwidth/effort.

This is now supported.. I look forward to seeing your project using it! --Joey