New release today, the main improvements in this one being WebDAV,, and Amazon glacier support. release notes

Collected together all the OSX problem reports into one place at ?OSX, to make it easier to get an overview of them.

Did some testing of the OSX standalone app and found that it was missing some libraries. It seems some new libraries it's using themselves depend on other libraries, and otool -L doesn't recursively resolve this.

So I converted the simplistic shell script it was using to install libraries into a haskell progream that recursively adds libraries until there are no more to add. It's pulling in quite a lot more libraries now. This may fix some of the problems that have been reported with the standalone app; I don't really know since I can only do very limited testing on OSX.

Still working on getting the standalone builds for this release done, should be done by the end of today.

Also found a real stinker of a bug in dirContentsRecursive, which was just completely broken, apparently since day 1. Fixing that has certainly fixed buggy behavior of git annex import. It seems that the other user of it, the transfer log code, luckily avoided the deep directory trees that triggered the bug.