When I wasn't dealing with the snowstorm today, I was fixing more bugs. Rather serious bugs.

One actually involved corruption to git-annex's location tracking info, due to a busted three-way merge. Takes an unusual set of circumstances for that bug to be triggered, which is why it was not noticed before now. Also, since git-annex is designed to not trust its location tracking info, and recover from it becoming inconsistent, someone could have experienced the bug and not really noticed it. Still it's a serious problem and I'm in debt to user a-or-b for developing a good test case that let me reproduce it and fix it. (Also added to the test suite.) ?This is how to make a perfect bug report

Another bug made git add; git commit cause data loss in direct mode. I was able to make that not lose data, although it still does something that's unlikely to be desired, unless the goal is to move a file from an annexed direct mode file to having its entire contents stored in git.

Also found a bug with sync's automatic resolution of git conflicts. It failed when two repositories both renamed a file to different names. I had neglected to explicitly git rm the old file name, which is necessary to resolve such a conflict.