Got renaming fully optimised in the assistent in direct mode. I even got it to work for whole directory renames. I can drag files around all day in the file manager and the assistant often finishes committing the rename before the file manager updates. So much better than checksumming every single renamed file! Also, this means the assistant makes just 1 commit when a whole directory is renamed.

Last night I added a feature to git annex status. It can now be asked to only show the status of a single directory, rather than the whole annex. All the regular file filtering switches work, so some neat commands are possible. I like git annex status . --in foo --not --in bar to see how much data is in one remote but not another.

This morning, an important thought about ?smarter flood filling, that will avoid unnecessary uploads to transfer remotes when all that's needed to get the file to its destination is a transfer over the LAN. I found an easy way to make that work, at least in simple cases. Hoping to implement it soon.

Less fun, direct mode turns out to be somewhat buggy when files with duplicate content are in the repository. Nothing fails, but git annex sync will re-checksum files each time it's run in this situation, and the assistant will re-checksum files in certian cases. Need to work on this soon too.