Finally fixed the bug causing repeated checksumming when a direct mode file contains duplicate files. I may need to add some cleaning of stale inode caches eventually.

Meanwhile, Guilhem made git annex initremote use higher quality entropy, with --fast getting back to the old behavior of urandom quality entropy. The assistant doesn't use high quality entropy since I have no way to prompt when the user would need to generate more. I did have a fun idea to deal with this: Make a javascript game, that the user can play while waiting, which would generate enropy nicely. Maybe one day.. ;)

Also made a small but significant change to ?archive directory handling. Now the assistant syncs files that are in archive directories like any other file, until they reach an archive repository. Then they get dropped from all the clients. This way, users who don't set up archive repositories don't need to know about this special case, and users who do want to use them can, with no extra configuration.

After recent changes, the preferred content expression for transfer repositories is becoming a bit unweidly, at 212 characters. Probably time to add support for macros..

(not (inallgroup=client and copies=client:2) and (((exclude=*/archive/* and exclude=archive/*) or (not (copies=archive:1 or copies=smallarchive:1))) or (not copies=semitrusted+:1))) or (not copies=semitrusted+:1)

Still, it's pretty great how much this little language lets me express, so easily.