Turns out my old Droid has such an old version of Android (2.2) that it doesn't work with any binaries produced by my haskell cross-compiler. I think it's using a symbol not in its version of libc. Since upgrading this particular phone is a ugly process and the hardware is dying anyway (bad USB power connecter), I have given up on using it, and ordered an Android tablet instead to use for testing. Until that arrives, no Android. Bah. Wanted to get the Android app working in April.

Instead, today I worked on making the webapp require less redundant password entry when adding multiple repositories using the same cloud provider. This is especially needed for the Internet Archive, since users will often want to have quite a few repositories, for different IA items. Implemented it for box.com, and Amazon too.

Francois Marier has built an Ubuntu PPA for git-annex, containing the current version, with the assistant and webapp. It's targeted at Precise, but I think will probably also work with newer releases. https://launchpad.net/~fmarier/+archive/ppa

Probably while I'm waiting to work on Android again, I will try to improve the situation with using a single XMPP account for multiple repositories. Spent a while today thinking through ways to improve the design, and have some ideas.