Created a backport of the latest git-annex release for Debian 7.0 wheezy. Needed to backport a dozen haskell dependencies, but not too bad. This will be available in the backports repository once Debian starts accepting new packages again. I plan to keep the backport up-to-date as I make new releases.

The cheap Android tablet I bought to do this last Android push with came pre-rooted from the factory. This may be why I have not seen this bug: ?Android app permission denial on startup. If you have Android 4.2.2 or a similar version, your testing would be helpful for me to know if this is a widespread problem. I have an idea about a way to work around the problem, but it involves writing Java code, and probably polling a file, ugh.

Got S3 support to build for Android. Probably fails to work due to the same network stack problems affecting WebDAV and Jabber.

Got removable media mount detection working on Android. Bionic has an amusing stub for getmntent that prints out "FIX ME! implement getmntent()". But, /proc/mounts is there, so I just parse it. Also enabled the app's WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE permission to allow access to removable media. However, this didn't seem to do anything. :(

Several fixes to make the Android webapp be able to set up repositories on remote ssh servers. However, it fails at the last hurdle with what looks like a git-annex-shell communication problem. Almost there..