The Android app should work on some more devices now, where hard linking to busybox didn't work. Now it installs itself using symlinks.

Pushed a point release so cabal install git-annex works again. And, I'm really happy to see that the 4.20130521 release has autobuilt on all Debian architectures, and will soon be replacing the old 3.20120629 version in testing. (Well, once a libffi transition completes..)

TobiasTheMachine has done it again: ?googledriveannex

I spent most of today building a fuzz tester for the assistant. git annex fuzztest will (once you find the special runes to allow it to run) create random files in the repository, move them around, delete them, move directory trees around, etc. The plan is to use this to run some long duration tests with eg, XMPP, to make sure the assistant keeps things in shape after a lot of activity. It logs in machine-readable format, so if it turns up a bug I may even be able to use it to reproduce the same bug (fingers crossed).

I was able to use QuickCheck to generate random data for some parts of the fuzz tester. (Though the actual file names it uses are not generated using QuickCheck.) Liked this part:

instance Arbitrary FuzzAction where
        arbitrary = frequency
                [ (100, FuzzAdd <$> arbitrary)
                , (10, FuzzDelete <$> arbitrary)
                , (10, FuzzMove <$> arbitrary <*> arbitrary)
                , (10, FuzzModify <$> arbitrary)
                , (10, FuzzDeleteDir <$> arbitrary)
                , (10, FuzzMoveDir <$> arbitrary <*> arbitrary)
                , (10, FuzzPause <$> arbitrary)