Yeah, Java hacking today. I have something that I think should deal with the ?Android app permission denial on startup problem. Added a "Open WebApp" item to the terminal's menu, which should behave as advertised. This is available in the Android daily build now, if your device has that problem.

I was not able to get the escape sequence hack to work. I had no difficulty modifying the terminal to send an intent to open an url when it received a custom escape sequence. But sending the intent just seemed to lock up the terminal for a minute without doing anything. No idea why. I had to propigate a context object in to the terminal emulator through several layers of objects. Perhaps that doesn't really work despite what I read on stackoverflow.

Anyway, that's all I have time to do. It would be nice if I, or some other interested developer who is more comfortable with Java, could write a custom Android frontend app, that embedded a web browser widget for the webapp, rather than abusing the terminal this way. OTOH, this way does provide the bonus of a pretty good terminal and git shell environment for Android to go with git-annex.