Came up with a fix for the gnucash hard linked file problem that makes the assistant notice the files gnucash writes. This is not full hard link support; hard linked files still don't cleanly sync around. But new hard links to files are noticed and added, which is enough to support gnucash.

Spent around 4 hours on reproducing and trying to debug ?Hanging on install on Mountain lion. It seems that recent upgrades of the OSX build machine led to this problem. And indeed, building with an older version of Yesod and Warp seems to have worked around the problem. So I updated the OSX build for the last release. I will have to re-install the new Yesod on my laptop and investigate further -- is this an OSX specific problem, or does it affect Linux? Urgh, this is the second hang I've encountered involving Warp..

Got several nice success stories, but I don't think I've seen yours yet. ;) Please post!