Worked on 3 interesting bugs today. One I noticed myself while doing tests with adding many thousands of files yesterday. Assistant was delaying making a last commit of the batch of files, and would only wake up and commit them after a further change was made. Turns out this bug was introduced in April while improving commit batching when making very large commits. I seem to remember someone mentioning this problem at some point, but I have not been able to find a bug report to close.

Also tried to reproduce ?this bug. Frustrating, because I'm quite sure I have made changes that will avoid it happening again, but since I still don't know what the root cause was, I can't let it go.

The last bug is ?non-repos in repositories list (+ other weird output) from git annex status and is a most strange thing. Still trying to get a handle on multiple aspects of it.

Also various other bug triage. Down to only 10 messages in my git-annex folder. That included merging about a dozen bugs about local pairing, that all seem to involve git-annex-shell not being found in path. Something is up with that..