Almost done with the data transfer code.. Today I filled in some bits and peices.

Made the expensive transfer scan handle multiple remotes in one pass. So on startup, it only runs once, not N times. And when reconnecting to the network, when a remote has changed, it scans all network remotes in one pass, rather than making M redundant passes.

Got syncing with special remotes all working. Pretty easy actually. Just had to avoid doing any git repo push/pull with them, while still queueing data transfers.

It'll even download anything it can from the web special remote. To support that, I added generic support for readonly remotes; it'll only download from those and not try to upload to them.

(Oh, and I properly fixed the nasty GIT_INDEX_FILE environment variable problem I had the other day.)

I feel I'm very close to being able to merge the assistant branch into master now. I'm reasonably confident the data transfer code will work well now, and manage to get things in sync eventually in all circumstances. (Unless there are bugs.) All the other core functionality of the assistant and webapp is working. The only think I might delay because of is the missing progressbars in the webapp .. but that's a silly thing to block the merge on.

Still, I might spend a day and get a dumb implementation of progress bars for downloads working first (progress bars for uploads are probably rather harder). I'd spend longer on progress bars, but there are so many more exciting things I'm now ready to develop, like automatic configurators for using your git annex with Amazon S3,, and the computer across the room..!