It's possible for one git annex repository to configure a special remote that it makes sense for other repositories to also be able to use. Today I added the UI to support that; in the list of repositories, such repositories have a "enable" link.

To enable pre-existing rsync special remotes, the webapp has to do the same probing and ssh key setup that it does when initially creating them. is also handled as a special case in that code. There was one ugly part to this.. When a rsync remote is configured in the webapp, it uses a mangled hostname like "", to make ssh use the key it sets up. That gets stored in the remote.log, and so the enabling code has to unmangle it to get back to the real hostname.

Based on the still-running ?prioritizing special remotes poll, a lot of people want special remote support for their phone or mp3 player. (As opposed to running git-annex on an Android phone, which comes later..) It'd be easy enough to make the webapp set up a directory special remote on such a device, but that makes consuming some types of content on the phone difficult (mp3 players seem to handle them ok based on what people tell me). I need to think more about some of the ideas mentioned in android for more suitable ways of storing files.

One thing's for sure: You won't want the assistant to sync all your files to your phone! So I also need to start coming up with partial syncing controls. One idea is for each remote to have a configurable matcher for files it likes to receive. That could be only mp3 files, or all files inside a given subdirectory, or all files not in a given subdirectory. That means that when the assistant detects a file has been moved, it'll need to add (or remove) a queued transfer. Lots of other things could be matched on, like file size, number of copies, etc. Oh look, I have a beautiful library I wrote earlier that I can reuse!