Putting together a shortlist of things I want to sort out before the beta.

  • Progress bars for file uploads.
  • No mocked up parts in the webapp's UI. Think I implemented the last of those yesterday, although there are some unlinked repository configuration options.
  • The basic watching functionality, should work reliably. There are some known scalability issues with eg, kqueue on OSX that need to be dealt with, but needn't block a beta.
  • Should keep any configuration of repositories that can be set up using the webapp in sync whenever it's possible to do so. I think that'll work after the past few days work.
  • Should be easy to install and get running. Of course part of the point of the beta release is to get it out there, on Hackage, in Debian unstable, and in the other places that git-annex packagers put it. As to getting it running, the autostart files and menu items look good on Linux. The OSX equivilants still need work and testing.
  • No howlingly bad bugs. ?This bug is the one I'm most concerned with currently. OTOH, ?watcher commits unlocked files can be listed in the errata.

So I worked on progress bars for uploads today. Wrote a nice little parser for rsync's progress output, that parses arbitrary size chunks, returning any unparsable part. Added a ProgressCallback parameter to all the backends' upload methods. Wrote a nasty thing that intercepts rsync's output, currently a character at a time (horrible, but rsync doesn't output that much, so surprisingly acceptable), and outputs it and parses it. Hooked all this up, and got it working for uploads to git remotes. That's 1/10th of the total ways uploads can happen that have working progress bars. It'll take a while to fill in the rest..