Finally wrapped up progress bars; upload progress is now reported in all situations.

After all that, I was pleased to find a use for the progress info, beyond displaying it to the user. Now the assistant uses it to decide whether it makes sense to immediately retry a failed transfer. This should make it work nicely, or at least better, with flaky network or drives.

The webapp crashed on startup when there was no ~/.gitconfig. Guess all of us who have tried it so far are actual git users, but I'm glad I caught this before releasing the beta.

Jimmy Tang kindly took on making a OS X .app directory for git-annex. So it now has an icon that will launch the webapp.

I'm getting lots of contributors to git-annex all of a sudden. I've had 3 patches this weekend, and 2 of them have been to Haskell code. Justin Azoff is working on ?incremental fsck, and Robie Basak has gotten Amazon Glacier working using the hook special remote.

Started doing some design for transfer control. I will start work on this after releasing the first beta.