Encrypted git remotes are now possible using git-remote-gcrypt.

There are at least two use cases for this in the assistant:

  • Storing an encrypted git repository on a local drive. done
  • Or on a remote server. This could even allow using github. But more likely would be a shell server that has git-annex-shell on it so can also store file contents, and which is not trusted with unencrypted data. done

git-remote-gcrypt is already usable with git-annex. What's needed is to make sure it's installed (ie, get it packaged into distros or embedded into git-annex), and make it easy to set up from the webapp. done

Hmm, this will need gpg key creation, so would also be a good opportunity to make the webapp allow using that for special remotes too.

One change is needed in git-annex core.. It currently does not support storing encrypted files on git remotes, only on special remotes. Perhaps the way to deal with this is to make it consider git-remote-grypt remotes to be a special remote type? done