Git-annex already supports storing large files in several cloud providers via special remotes. More should be added, such as:

  • Google drive (attractive because it's free, only 5 gb tho)
  • Owncloud (has several providers; at least one provides 5 gb free; open DAV based API)
  • OpenStack Swift (teh future)
  • (it's free, and current method is hard to set up and a sorta shakey; a better method would be to use its API) done
  • Dropbox? That would be ironic.. Via its API, presumably.
  • ?Amazon Glacier done
  • Internet Archive done
  • Fairly low prices ($0.06/GB); REST API; free software
  • Mediafire provides 50gb free and has a REST API.
  • Flickr provides 1 tb (!!!!) to free accounts, and can store at least photos and videos. is a hack to allow storing any type of file on Flickr.
  • Already supported via megaannex, would just need webapp modifications to configure it. May want to use megaannex as-is to build a non-hook special remote in haskell.

See poll at prioritizing special remotes.