John Millikin came through and fixed that haskell-gnutls segfault on OSX that I developed a reproducible test case for the other day. It's a bit hard to test, since the bug doesn't always happen, but the fix is already deployed for Mountain Lion autobuilder.

However, I then found another way to make haskell-gnutls segfault, more reliably on OSX, and even sometimes on Linux. Just entering the wrong XMPP password in the assistant can trigger this crash. Hopefully John will work his magic again.

Meanwhile, I fixed the sync-after-forget problem. Now sync always forces its push of the git-annex branch (as does the assistant). I considered but rejected having sync do the kind of uuid-tagged branch push that the assistant sometimes falls back to if it's failing to do a normal sync. It's ugly, but worse, it wouldn't work in the workflow where multiple clients are syncing to a central bare repository, because they'd not pull down the hidden uuid-tagged branches, and without the assistant running on the repository, nothing would ever merge their data into the git-annex branch. Forcing the push of synced/git-annex was easy, once I satisfied myself that it was always ok to do so.

Also factored out a module that knows about all the different log files stored on the git-annex branch, which is all the support infrastructure that will be needed to make git annex forget --drop-dead work. Since this is basically a routing module, perhaps I'll get around to making it use a nice bidirectional routing library like Zwaluw one day.