Added a new feature that started out with me wanting a way to undo a git-annex drop, but turned into something rather more powerful. The --in option can now be told to match files that were in a repository at some point in the past. For example, git annex get --in=here@{yesterday} will get any files that have been dropped over the past day.

While git-annex's location tracking info is stored in git and thus versioned, very little of it makes use of past versions of the location tracking info (only git annex log). I'm happy to have finally found a use for it!

OB Windows porting: Fixed a bug in the symlink calculation code. Sounds simple; took 2 hours!

Also various bug triage; updated git version on OSX; forwarded bug about DAV-0.6 being broken upstream; fixed a bug with initremote in encryption=pubkey mode. Backlog is 65 messages.

Today's work was sponsored by Brock Spratlen.