Last night I tracked down and fixed a bug in the DAV library that has been affecting WebDAV remotes. I've been deploying the fix for that today, including to the android and arm autobuilders. While I finished a clean reinstall of the android autobuilder, I ran into problems getting a clean reinstall of the arm autobuilder (some type mismatch error building yesod-core), so manually fixed its DAV for now.

The WebDAV fix and other recent fixes makes me want to make a release soon, probably Monday.

ObWindows: Fixed git-annex to not crash when run on Windows in a git repository that has a remote with a unix-style path like "/foo/bar". Seems that not everything aggrees on whether such a path is absolute; even sometimes different parts of the same library disagree!

import System.FilePath.Windows

prop_windows_is_sane :: Bool
prop_windows_is_sane = isAbsolute upath || ("C:\\STUFF" </> upath /= upath)
  where upath = "/foo/bar"

Perhaps more interestingly, I've been helping dxtrish port git-annex to OpenBSD and it seems most of the way there.