There's a new design document for letting git-annex store arbitrary metadata. The really neat thing about this is the user can check out only files matching the tags or values they care about, and get an automatically structuted file tree layout that can be dynamically filtered. It's going to be awesome! metadata

In the meantime, spent most of today working on Windows. Very good progress, possibly motivated by wanting to get it over with so I can spend some time this month on the above. ;)

  • webapp can make and S3 remotes. This just involved fixing a hack where the webapp set environment variables to communicate creds to initremote. Can't change environment on Windows (or I don't know how to).
  • webapp can make repos on removable drives.
  • git annex assistant --stop works, although this is not likely to really be useful
  • The source tree now has 0 func = error "Windows TODO" type stubbed out functions to trip over.