Last week's trip was productive, but I came home more tired than I realized. Found myself being snappy & stressed, so I have been on break.

I did do a little git-annex dev in the past 5 days. On Saturday I implemented ?preferred content (although without the active checks I think it probably ought to have.) Yesterday I had a long conversation with the Tahoe developers about improving git-annex's tahoe integration.

Today, I have been wrapping up building propellor. To test its docker support, I used propellor to build and deploy a container that is a git-annex autobuilder. I'll be replacing the old autobuilder setup with this shortly, and expect to also publish docker images for git-annex autobuilders, so anyone who wants to can run their own autobuilder really easily.

I have April penciled in on the roadmap as the month to do telehash. I don't know if telehash-c is ready for me yet, but it has had a lot of activity lately, so this schedule may still work out!