Spent a few hours improving gcrypt in some minor ways, including adding a --check option that the assistant can use to find out if a given repo is encrypted with dgit, and also tell if the necessary gpg key is available to decrypt it. Also merged in a fix to support subkeys, developed by a git-annex user who is the first person I've heard from who is using gcrypt. I don't want to maintain gcrypt, so I am glad its author has shown up again today.

Got mostly caught up on backlog. The main bug I was able to track down today is git-annex using a lot of memory in certian repositories. This turns out to have happened when a really large file was committed right intoo to the git repository (by mistake or on purpose). Some parts of git-annex buffer file contents in memory while trying to work out if they're git-annex keys. Fixed by making it first check if a file in git is marked as a symlink. Which was really hard to do!

At least 4 people ran into this bug, which makes me suspect that lots of people are messing up when using direct mode (probably due to not reading the documentation, or having git commit -a hardwired into their fingers, and forcing git to commit large files into their repos, rather than having git-annex manage them. Implementing ?direct mode guard seems more urgent now.

Today's work was sponsored by Amitai Schlair.