Pushed out a new release today, fixing two important bugs, followed by a second release which fixed the bugs harder.

Automatic upgrading was broken on OSX. The webapp will tell you upgrading failed, and you'll need to manually download the .dmg and install it.

With help from Maximiliano Curia, finally tracked down a bug I have been chasing for a while where the assistant would start using a lot of CPU while not seeming to be busy doing anything. Turned out to be triggered by a scheduled fsck that was configured to run once a month with no particular day specified.

That bug turned out to affect users who first scheduled such a fsck job after the 11th day of the month. So I expedited putting a release out to avoid anyone else running into it starting tomorrow.

(Oddly, the 11th day of this month also happens to be my birthday. I did not expect to have to cut 2 releases today..)