Now git-annex's self-upgrade code will check the gpg signature of a new version before using it.

To do this I had to include the gpg public keys into the git-annex distribution, and that raised the question of which public keys to include. Currently I have both the dedicated git-annex distribution signing key, and my own gpg key as a backup in case I somehow misplace the former.

Also spent a while looking at the recent logs on the web server. There seem to be around 600 users of the assistant with upgrade checking enabled. That breaks down to 68% Linux amd64, 20% Linux i386, 11% OSX Mavericks, and 0.5% OSX Lion.

Most are upgrading successfully, but there are a few that seem to repeatedly fail for some reason. (Not counting the OSX Lion, which will probably never find an upgrade available.) I hope that someone who is experiencing an upgrade failure gets in touch with some debug logs.

In the same time period, around 450 unique hosts manually downloaded a git-anex distribution. Also compare with Debian popcon, which has 1200 reporting git-annex users.