Reviewed Sören's updated bootstrap3 patch, which appeared while I was traveling. Sören kindly fixed it to work with Debian stable's old version of Yesod, which was quite a lot of work. The new new bootstrap3 UI looks nice, found a few minor issues, but expect to be able to merge it soon.

Started on sshpassword groundwork. Added a simple password cache to the assistant, with automatic expiration, and made git-annex be able to be run by ssh as the SSH_ASKPASS program.

The main difficulty will be changing the webapp's UI to prompt for the ssh password when one is needed. There are several code paths in ssh remote setup where a password might be needed. Since the cached password expires, it may need to be prompted for at any of those points. Since a new page is loading, it can't pop up a prompt on the current page; it needs to redirect to a password prompt page and then redirect back to the action that needed the password. ...At least, that's one way to do it. I'm going to sleep on it and hope I dream up a better way.