My backlog is massive -- 181 items to answer. Will probably take the rest of the month to get caught back up. Rather than digging into that yet, spent today working on the webapp's ssh password prompting.

I simplified it so the password is entered on the same form as the rest of the server's information. That made the UI easy to build, but means that when a user already has a ssh key they want to use, they need to select "existing ssh key"; the webapp no longer probes to automatically detect that case.

Got the ssh password prompting in the webapp basically working, and it's a really nice improvement! I even got it to work on Windows (eventually...). It's still only in the sshpassword branch, since I need to test it more and probably fix some bugs. In particular, when enabling a remote that already exists, I think it never prompts for the password yet.

Today's work was sponsored by Nicola Chiapolini.