Powered through the backlog today, and got it down to 67! Probably most of the rest is the hard ones though.

A theme today was: It's stupid hard to get git-annex-shell installed into PATH. While that should be the simplest thing in the world, I'm pinned between two problems:

  1. There's no single portable package format, so all the decades of development nice ways to get things into PATH don't work for everybody.
  2. bash provides not a single dotfile that will work in all circumstances to configure PATH. In particular, "ssh $host git-annex-shell" causes bash to helpfully avoid looking at any dotfiles at all.

Today's flailing to work around that inluded:

  • Merged a patch from Fraser Tweedale to allow git config remote.origin.annex-shell /not/in/path/git-annex-shell
  • Merged a patch from Justin Lebar to allow symlinking the git-annex-shell etc from the standalone tarball to a directory that is in PATH. (Only on Linux, not OSX yet.)
  • Improved the warning message git-annex prints when a remote server does not have git-annex-shell in PATH, suggesting some things the user could do to try to fix it.

I've found out why OSX machines were retrying upgrades repeatedly. The version in the .info file did not match the actual git-annex version for OSX. I've fixed the info file version, but will need to come up with a system to avoid such mismatches.

Made a few other fixes. A notable one is that dragging and dropping repositories in the webapp to reorder the list (and configure costs) had been broken since November.

git-annex 5.20140421 finally got into Debian testing today, so I updated the backport. I recommend upgrading, especially if you're using the assistant with a ssh remote, since you'll get all of last month's nice features that make XMPP unnecessary in that configuration.

Today's work was sponsored by Geoffrey Irving.