Finally back to work with a new laptop!

Did one fairly major feature today: When using git-annex to pull down podcasts, metadata from the feed is copied into git-annex's metadata store, if annex.genmetadata is set. Should be great for views etc!

Worked through a lot of the backlog, which is down to 47 messages now.

Only other bug fix of note is a fix on Android. A recent change to git made it try to chmod files, which tends to fail on the horrible /sdcard filesystem. Patched git to avoid that.

For some reason the autobuilder box rebooted while I was away, and somehow the docker containers didn't come back up -- so they got automatically rebuilt. But I have to manually finish up building the android and armel ones. Will be babysitting that build this evening.

Today's work was sponsored by Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason.