Last night, went over the new chunking interface, tightened up exception handling, and improved the API so that things like WebDAV will be able to reuse a single connection while all of a key's chunks are being downloaded. I am pretty happy with the interface now, and except to convert more special remotes to use it soon.

Just finished adding a killer feature: Automatic resuming of interrupted downloads from chunked remotes. Sort of a poor man's rsync, that while less efficient and awesome, is going to work on every remote that gets the new chunking interface, from S3 to WebDAV, to all of Tobias's external special remotes! Even allows for things like starting a download from one remote, interrupting, and resuming from another one, and so on.

I had forgotten about resuming while designing the chunking API. Luckily, I got the design right anyway. Implementation was almost trivial, and only took about 2 hours! (See 9d4a766cd7b8e8b0fc7cd27b08249e4161b5380a)

I'll later add resuming of interrupted uploads. It's not hard to detect such uploads with only one extra query of the remote, but in principle, it should be possible to do it with no extra overhead, since git-annex already checks if all the chunks are there before starting an upload.