It took 9 hours, but I finally got to make c0dc134cded6078bb2e5fa2d4420b9cc09a292f7, which both removes 35 lines of code, and adds chunking support to all external special remotes!

The groundwork for that commit involved taking the type scheme I sketched out yesterday, completely failing to make it work with such high-ranked types, and falling back to a simpler set of types that both I and GHC seem better at getting our heads around.

Then I also had more fun with types, when it turned out I needed to run encryption in the Annex monad. So I had to go convert several parts of the utility libraries to use MonadIO and exception lifting. Yurk.

The final and most fun stumbling block caused git-annex to crash when retriving a file from an external special remote that had neither encryption not chunking. Amusingly it was because I had not put in an optimation (namely, just renaming the file that was retrieved in this case, rather than unnecessarily reading it in and writing it back out). It's not often that a lack of an optimisation causes code to crash!

So, fun day, great result, and it should now be very simple to convert the bup, ddar, gcrypt, glacier, rsync, S3, and WebDAV special remotes to the new system. Fingers crossed.

But first, I will probably take half a day or so and write a git annex testremote that can be run in a repository and does live testing of a special remote including uploading and downloading files. There are quite a lot of cases to test now, and it seems best to get that in place before I start changing a lot of remotes without a way to test everything.

Today's work was sponsored by Daniel Callahan.